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30 December 2007 @ 12:24 am
It's so strange to look back at old entries and see how much i've grown/changed/stayed absolutely the same.

I can't believe it's been almost two years since my life was full of bat shit crazy. How is it that the craziest things I do now are plan wild abstinence parties for middle schoolers and watch the sing a long version of High School Musical 2...these things i'll never understand.

I'd like to say that I was revisiting because i was in a contemplative mood and wanted to check out what has gone down in my life since the last time I took mental and emotional stock of myself...but that would be a lie. I honestly just wanted to post a survey. But instead of surveying it up in this hizzy I'm just gonna make my little list of new years resolutions with the intention of checking back in another couple of years and seeing them accomplished.

So here we go.

This year I would like to...

Finish up my degree in English/Philosophy
Be nicer to the general public
Treat myself and others with the respect we deserve
Find the me I've been looking for for the past three years
Control my vices
Try new things
Visit another country
Move into my own house
Start Arts and craftsing again
Go on a random trip
Reunite with lost friends
Audition for something I care about
Feed and entertain as many friends as possible

Ok, so those aren't so much resolutions as they are a to do list for 08. Either way, I think it's definitely something to look forward to.

Until we meet again,
11 April 2006 @ 07:04 pm
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06 March 2006 @ 05:29 pm
My brother is traipsing around the house in my pants.

I can't say he looks bad.

I am totally putting up a picture.
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05 March 2006 @ 08:18 pm
eating pudding...life is good.

note to self: stop being so unromantic all the time. "Let's do this" is not appropriate in all situations.

I love some banana pudding. (is it sad that i just had to spell out banana gwen stefani style?)

I think i'm gonna get rid of this thing.

My life is pretty boring and I have an actual journal. "I just have a lot of feelings..." Man, I love Mean Girls.

We'll see.
I should be embarrassed...but i'm not.

I get dressed at the last minute this morning because I got a late call from Selena at the Highschool. I throw on my clothes, brush my teeth, grab my bag, and head out. I get to the office as the bell's ringing, and I notice that Selena is looking at me funny. I shrug it off. I start walking down the hallway and notice my pervy 11th grade history teacher looking at me with a smirk on his face. It wasn't until I got into the library that I found out what's so odd. "WHAT is on your pants?" I can always count on my mom to point out things that should be obvious. I look down...I have whiteish something smeared all over the front of my pants.


Watered down toothpaste just made my day 10 times more interesting.

I almost hit a flock of guinea hens walking across the road this morning. (They were walking, I was driving)

I've started riding my bike again. This is an exciting new development.

AND I might pageant again...Kellina said she'd coach me. All you have to win is one and you are eligible for Ms. Florida. The azalea queen is looking good.
I'm doing it. I'm getting back on the horse.

I decided yesterday (when i got my graduation check thing in my inbox) that i'm reauditioning. I can't let being scared of rejection throw me. There are only 3 things in my life that i know enough about to be good at. Hospitality, Theatre, and Symbolism. I'm not wealthy enough to straight up open a bed and breakfast. I'm not sane enough to over analyze shit all day long...wait. ;D So that always brings me back to my first love. And no costume design plan B this time, I've already been accepted into those programs...I'm talking Performance and Musical Theatre.

I'm not at my peak anymore, so i'm reenrolling in Tap and Jazz at Pofaul's. And that in itself is going to be a trial. I've been out of practice for almost two years. Basically i'm starting from scratch. We'll see how this goes.

I think things are going to be alright. UF, UGA, and UT...here I come.

If I could just get this damn belly dancer song out of my head...
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If I have learned anything from being an avid reader it's that you can't believe everything you read...especially if the work is fictional. Apparently my kids today just didn't get that. I don't understand what we're teaching highschool students....whatever it is, isn't enough.

Just noticed that the front of my car is rebroken from the possum...what a jerk. I absolutely have no clue what would possess one to eat their supper right in the middle of a busy road like 90. How he wasn't hit earlier is a mystery to me.

I realized today that I have all 5 of the essential men in my life or so I hear. I've been reading The Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love and these are the categoriesof men that they say every woman needs to have. If you have all five at once it's a blessing...Seeing that I have multiple people for many of the same jobs...i'm completely blessed. See if you can figure them out for yourself.

1) A guy to fix things
2) A guy to dance with
3) A guy to have good conversation with
4) A guy who likes to pay for things
5) A guy who's good in bed

Uggh. I just can't kick this sickness.

Double uggh, I totally mucked around in toilet water last night.

Upside: Porters floor is now dry and I might have found my calling. I'm so good with pipes I should become a plumber.

*See backdated Superwoman entry.
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23 February 2006 @ 10:36 am
Note to self:

After making Cult costumes for Ricky/Chris and select Wanda pieces I MUST get started on a Rogue costume...just because.

Bales, let me cut your hair again. :D
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So I hit an oppossum on my way home tonight...

Dinner with Lucas was nice. That kid can seriously talk though. Not saying that I mind it. Just saying...he is a major chatterbox. I told him about Porter and he said he understood. The fact that he still wants to be my study buddy AND fix my car is awesome!

Random: I completely forgot about signing up at The Knot website (You know that magazine for brides and wedding planning...they have a website). Seeing as I did it in 11th grade with Arica Rhoden when she was still completely head over heels for Jonathan it's not suprising that I didn't remember. (Do you remember this Josh?) So I get this thing from them today in my hotmail box asking for wedding deats and how everything went with Ethan. I had NO idea what they were talking about until I went and checked it out. Apparently I said I was getting married February 12, 2006...ahhh, my fake birthday and fake wedding date. And I guess the Ethan was Ethan Anderson?! Wow. From talking to Crocker yesterday I was reminded of the fact that we've been friends for 4 years. Almost 5. That's crazy. What's crazier is that fact that he turned 26 yesterday...

I can't believe I didn't mind the age difference. 6 years seems like so much now. Even though it really isn't.

Which reminds me. Josh, next time we talk remember to bring up "Good Teeth" Adam. Funny story.

Uggh, Astronomy calls.
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I am so happy to have my family home. I missed them like crazy. I was tired of being sick by myself and sleeping on the couch because I was too scared to sleep in my room alone.

Yep...I'm still scared of being by myself at night. Porter and Carly both helped me out on that front. Granted Carly doesn't wallow on me/snore nearly as much.

The bruise/dent in my leg from where I fell up the stairs is not healing well. This is sad because it's getting hot and I can't wear skirts to teach in. BOO. It's probably because I keep hitting it on my car/Porter's coffee table/Dylan's bed.

Olustee was FANTASTIC! It's so much fun to bring along someone who has never been before. I really had a great time and there will be many pictures to follow. I missed your presence Katherine. But I have a fantastic gift for you.

The grill of my car is currently being held together with Slim Jim wrappers (ask, it's a great "what can go wrong next" story), I am seriously falling hard for the guy i'm dating, and I'm trying to get my life sorted out.

Things are really falling into place

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